Friday, November 23, 2012

The Benefits of switching to UHPLC, interesting article from this month's Lab Manager Magazine.

Lab Manager Article

Biosolve UPLC solvents are supplied by Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals, 6 Kelvin Park Birkenhead, CH41 1LT

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Reference Standards Available from Chem Service:

New Reference Standards Available from Chemservice:

CLPVOL-1GM CLP Volatiles TLC Gases
F2944 Methacrolein (DNPH Derivative)
F2945 Phthaldialdehyde (DNPH Derivative)
F2946 Glutaraldehyde (DNPH Derivative)
F2947 2-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde (DNPH Derivative)
MET-2058A Ethiofencarb sulfoxide
MET-2058B Ethiofencarb sulfone
MET-2120A Terbumeton-desethyl
MET-2158A Trinexapac
MET-2223A Fenoxaprop-P
MET-2262A Thiacloprid-amide
MET-2292A Fenamidone Metabolite
MET-2322A Spiromesifen alcohol
MET-40B MCPA sodium salt
MET-654D Phorate Sulfone
MET-751A Aminocarb-phenol
MET-757A Pirimicarb-desmethyl
O-2430 2-Amino-2-methylpropionitrile
PS-1040-1 (S)-Methoprene
PS-2372 Benazolin
PS-2373 Fenson
PS-2374 Flurenol-methyl
PS-2375 Flurenol-butyl
PS-2376 Flurenol
PS-2377 Fluoxastrobin
PS-2378 Furilazole
PS-2379 Imazosulfuron
PS-2380 Amidosulfuron
PS-2381 Cloquintocet
PS-2382 Dichlorprop 2-ethylhexyl ester
PS-2383 Diflufenzopyr sodium salt
PS-2384 Pentachlorophenyl acetate
PS-2385 Quinoclamine
PS-2387 Imprelis ™
Pt-44 Diisoamyl phthalate

Chem Service products are supplied by Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals, 6, Kelvin Park, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1LT

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

4th International Symposium on Beryllium

4th International Symposium on Beryllium

Dr. Erica Cahoon and Cheryl Hicks of High Purity Standards attended the 4th International Symposium on Beryllium Particulates and Their Detection in Colorado from October 1st-4th October 2012.

The main topics for discussions were Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), the prevention of beryllium related illness and the detection and identification of beryllium and beryllium containing compounds. CBD is a disease caused from the body’s sensitization to beryllium after exposure to these particulates. There is currently no medical cure for CBD, making preventative actions most important.

Beryllium particulates occur as a result of the natural abundance in the environment and by anthropogenic contaminants. Current sampling methods discussed were ghost wipes, beryllium wipes and air particulate analysis. The most common analytical instrumentation implemented within laboratories are inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and an introduction to optical fluorescence was showcased to demonstrate the competing limits of detection compared to ICP methods. Different statistical methods for data analysis were introduced.

The value of laboratory accreditation, training and quality assurance were emphasized. An overall goal of this symposium is to develop standard methodology for the analytical analysis of beryllium.

Currently, High Purity Standards provides high-fired spiked beryllium filters for in house and inter- laboratory quality assurance testing. High Purity Standards is Guide 34 accredited and manufactures a wide range of certified reference materials to meet the needs of beryllium testing laboratories and analytical laboratories worldwide.

High Purity Standards are supplied by Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals, 6, Kelvin Park, Birkenhead, Wirral. CH41 1LT

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