Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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NEW! Mass-Labelled Perfluorobutanesulfonate M3PFBS

Wellington is pleased to announce the long awaited release of a mass-labelled perfluorobutane-sulfonate reference standard (M3PFBS). Although it has a short biological half-life, PFBS is frequently detected in environmental samples, and it seems to be chemically stable and persistent. One major concern is that it is not removed from water using conventional treatment methods and may end up in drinking water. Many research groups are particularly interested in monitoring the levels of PFBS in water and biological samples since a steady state and continuous exposure may lead to human health effects. Thus, a surrogate standard for PFBS is highly desirable. For these reasons, and in response to customer requests, Wellington has invested a significant amount of time and effort into synthesizing a carbon-13 labelled perfluorobutanesulfonate reference standard to aid in the accurate detection and quantification of this compound.

                                              Mass Labelled Perfluorobutanesulfonate

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M3PFBS   Sodium perfluoro-1-[2,3,4-13C3]butanesulfonate 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NEW SGE Product Range

SGE New Products 2015 

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MyCapLC Kit
MyCapLC™ Kit for Life Sciences

Customize CapLC for Your Application

• DIY capillary column packing, no special instrumentation required
• Make the column that you want
• Perfect for your life sciences analysis

PEEKTite Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC Fittings
PEEKTite™ Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC Fittings

Uncomplicated and Reliable UHPLC Connections

• Finger tight nut and ferrule system designed for use with PEEKsil® tubing.
• Holds up to 18,000 psi (1,240 bar).
• Compatible with any 6-32, 6-40 and 10-32 port configuration.

ProteCol BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware
ProteCol® BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware

Smooth and Inert Glass Lining for Optimal UHPLC Bio Applications

• Improved column performance for bio applications.
• Designed for continuous use at 20,000 psi (1,379 bar).
• Demonstrate the performance of your phase.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Greyhound Chromatography Sponsors Local Girls Football Team

UK based Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals are pleased to announce the sponsorship of Oxton Ladies U13’s Football Club for the 2015/16 season.

Greyhound Chromatography has, for over 30 years, been supplying high quality products to laboratories around the world. Their extensive range of products covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis.

Based in Wallasey, Oxton Ladies are a well-established girls only football club. The club was formed in 2011 and prides itself on promoting the girls game in the area with a total of 9 teams ranging from Under 7's to Under 14's.

Oxton Ladies is part of the Wallasey Junior Football League with over 140 teams and 2,500 registrations, the League makes a major contribution to the youth community and is strengthened by the large number of volunteers who run the league, clubs and their teams.

Paul Massie Managing Director of Greyhound Chromatography felt it would be a great idea to support such an initiative, with having a parent for one of the team members working for Greyhound, Julie Mackay, Senior Customer Account Executive.

“We sponsored Oxton Ladies last year, and we are hoping with the furry additions to the Greyhound team, George and Gina the Greyhounds, we can bring some added luck this  season” Paul Massie, Managing Director, Greyhound Chromatography.

Oxton Ladies JFC
Oxton Ladies Junior Football Club, with George and Gina the Greyhounds

"We had a gorgeous day to cheer the girls along last Saturday, unfortunately not the result that we wanted, 0-3 to Cammell Laird 1907 FC, but we were a few team members down so onwards and upwards for the girls, great team effort " George the Greyhound, Greyhound Chromatography. 

Notes to editors:

For over 30 years Greyhound Chromatography has been supplying high quality Chromatography consumables to laboratories around the world. Greyhound’s extensive range covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis. Backed by a highly experienced technical services team, Greyhound is the preferred source amongst today’s analysts.

Jenny Bate
Marketing Manager
Greyhound Chromatography

Tel:      +44 (0)151 649 4000

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Twitter:      @greychrom

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