2,chloro-a-(4-fluorophenyl)-Benzenemethanol | CAS# 362-55-0 | Chem Service Certified Pesticide Reference Standard | New Product

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2,chloro-a-(4-fluorophenyl)-Benzenemethanol CAS# 362-55-0



Chem Service Inc offer over 2000 Pesticides and Metabolites. Over 95% of Chem Service's neat standards grade materials have a purity of 98% or greater.

Quality Standards

Chem Service provides Certificates of Analysis for Standards Grade pesticide and metabolite standards in accordance with internal policy requirements and ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025 and 9001 Quality System Requirements. Chem Service's neat chemical certification policy states that purity and identification must be established independently by performing three or more (when feasible) seperate analyses before neat products are certified. 

More than 95% of Chem Service's neat grade products or as solutions, are certified for purity, identity, stability and are traceable by lot.

With over 50 year's experience Chem Service is a name you can trust.

For over 35 years Greyhound Chromatography has been supplying high quality Chromatography consumables to laboratories around the world. Greyhound’s extensive range covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis. Backed by a highly experienced technical services team, Greyhound is the preferred source amongst today’s analysts.

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