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New Analytical Reference Standards - Amiprofos Methyl, Pyraclonil, Pyrethrin l, Pyrethrin ll, Pyrethrum

Established in 1962 Chem Service is the largest independent supplier of Analytical Reference Materials and the original source of small quantities of organic chemicals.

Over 95% of Chem Services’ neat Standards Grade materials have a purity of 98.0% or greater.

Chem Services’ worldwide customers are found in the chemical, government, food quality, agricultural and life science research communities.

Chem Service's range of products are constantly increased as they keep up to date with the fast moving pace of Environmental testing.  You can see Chem Service's full range of products on our website. www.greyhoundchrom.com.

New Products of Note:


Chem Services’s products are for laboratory use only and are not for use in humans.

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