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The most extensive and highest quality range of auto-sampler vials, caps and seals, and storage vials available from any single manufacturer.

Chromocol's range of chromotography products includes products for Life Sciences, High Throughput Screening and combinational Chemistry.  Chromocol Products are best known for the extensive range of vials, caps and seals that are produced for the wide range of autosamplers used in HPLC, GC and associated analytical techniques.  Close technical cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers has led to a comprehensive range of products manufactured to exacting standards and specifications to ensure compatability.

Chromocol are an ISO 9001 company who are able to offer custom design and manufacturing with stringent manufacturing tolerances.

Chromacol key product lines include:

  • Combination packs for routine analytical use
  • Microsampling products such as the Micro+ range of fused insert vials
  • Headspace products, including magnetic cap products and screw finish vials
  • High sample recovery vials
  • WebSeal microtiter plate products with pre-inserted glass or PTFE vials for Life Sciences and Combinational Chemistry.
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9mm Solid Top Short Screw Cap - Blue, with Rubber/PTFE Liner, 1mm thick

Part Number: CCV-9-SCSK(B)-8RT1
Pack Size: Pk/500

20mm Crimp Cap, Two Part Tin Plate and Blue Aluminium - Blank

Part Number: CCV-20-MCBC
Pack Size: Pk/500

8mL Screw Top Storage Vial - Clear Glass

Part Number: CCV-8-SV
Pack Size: Pk/200

20mm Aluminium Crimp Cap - Blank

Part Number: CCV-20-ACB
Pack Size: Pk/500

20mm Freeze Drying Butyl Bung Type 2

Part Number: CCV-20-2FB3
Pack Size: Pk/2000

11mm Snap Cap - Polyethylene

Part Number: CCV-11-PEC1
Pack Size: Pk/1000

PTFE Support for 1.1-STVG and 1.1-CTVG products

Part Number: CCV-TTS-312
Pack Size: Pk/50

20mL Crimp Top Headspace Vial - Amber Glass

Part Number: CCV-20-CV(A)
Pack Size: Pk/125

12mL Crimp Top Headspace Vial - Clear Glass

Part Number: CCV-12-CV
Pack Size: Pk/100

Plastic Rack Holds 10 Vials of 22mm diameter - White

Part Number: CCV-T-10/20
Pack Size: Each