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Greyhound offers a comprehensive selection of top quality Capilliary columns from leading manufacturers :

Greyhound, Macherey-Nagel and SGE.


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SGE 10m X 0.10mm ID - BP1 0.1um

Part Number: SGE-054022
The individual technologies SGE employs in GC capillary column manufacture are:Drawing of the precision fused silica capliiary tubing.Developing asnd synthesising the speciality polymer stationary phases.Performing the speciality chemical treatment of the fused silica surface so that it is inert and compatible for the cross-linked stationary phase.Coating and cross-linking the polymer stationary phase.Quality testing of every completed capillary column to rigorous standards.

Macherey-Nagel OPTIMA-1701. 0.32 mm ID. 0.5 um Fd. 25 m

Part Number: 726320.25
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Macherey-Nagel OPTIMA WAX. 0.32 mm ID. 0.25 um Fd. 25 m

Part Number: 726321.25
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