Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super 10.0mm I.D. x 150mm


  • Comparison of separations of steroids
  • Standard Materials
  • Polar Compounds
  • Food Additives
  • Steroids
  • ODS Columns are the most popular HPLC columns and used for separations of hydrophobic compounds. The use of ion-pair reagents allows retention and separation of acidic or basic compounds on ODS columns. However, there are several problems associated with ion-pair reagents, for example, the lack of influence of ion-pair reagents on retention, the removal of ion-pair reagents retained on the column, the use of LC-MS etc. Hence TCI developed and commercialised packing materials bearing both ODS ligands capable of firmly retaining hydrophobic and ion-exchange ligands capable of retaining acidic or basic compounds in 1996.

    • Target compound is basic ? choose ODS + Cation-Exchange Type
    • Target compound is acidic ? choose ODS + Anion-Exchange Type
    • Hydrophobic compounds can be retained on mixed mode columns
    • No ion-pair reagent is required
    • The packing material has both ion-exchange and ODS phases. (Not a mixture of packing materials of an ion-exchange and ODS)
    • High NTP values close to ODS's

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