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Native Potassium Perfluoro-4-ethylcyclohexanesulfonate (PFECHS) Wellington Laboratories

Hydraulic Fluid a Likely Source of Contamination



NEW PRODCUT - Native Potassium Perfluoro-4-ethylcyclohexanesulfonate (PFECHS)

Wellington Reporter - Native Potassium Perfluoro-4-ethylcyclohexanesulfonate PFECHS

Perfluoro-4-ethylcyclohexanesulfonate has been primarily used as an additive in hydraulic fluid formulations that are designed to inhibit erosion in hydraulic systems. The use of the hydraulic fluids in commercial aircraft was identified as a likely source of this compound in surface waters and fish from the Great Lakes of North America; PFECHS contamination is now being reported internationally. PFECHS itself exists as a pair of cis and trans isomers, but commercial materials also contain substantial impurities including constitutional isomers that exhibit the same mass-to-charge ratio as PFECHS during mass spectrometric detection. Unfortunately, the use of inadequately characterised reference standards increases the uncertainty associated with the generated data. For this reason, Wellington Laboratories has prepared a certified reference standard (chemical purity > 98%) which contains a known ratio of the cis/trans isomers of PFECHS (as determined by 19F NMR).

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