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NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology; U.S. Department of Commerce) is the federal technology agency that works with the industry to develop and apply technology, measurements and standards.

NIST supplies industry, academia, government, and other users with over 1200 reference materials of the highest quality and metrological value.

NIST Catalogue

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Brick Clay

Part Number: SRM- 679
Pack Size: 75 g
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Tomato Leaves

Part Number: SRM- 1573a
Pack Size: 50 g
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Column Performance Test Mixture of Liquid Chromatography

Part Number: SRM- 870
Pack Size: 5 x 1.1 mL
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Elec/Mag Ni-Fe

Part Number: SRM- 1159
Pack Size: disk
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Bronze, Silicon

Part Number: SRM- 158a
Pack Size: 150 g
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Iron Ore, Nimba

Part Number: SRM- 693
Pack Size: 100 g
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Coating Thickness Standard (Nonmagnetic Coating on Steel

Part Number: SRM- 1361b
Pack Size: set (4)
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Low Energy Charpy V-Notch Impact Specimen (Self- Verification)

Part Number: SRM- 2093
Pack Size: 5 bars
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Trace Elements in Glass

Part Number: SRM- 611
Pack Size: 6 wafers
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Anode Tin

Part Number: SRM- 1727
Pack Size: block
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Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media

Part Number: SRM- 8785
Pack Size: 3 filters
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Tungsten (W) Standard Solution

Part Number: SRM- 3163
Pack Size: 50 mL
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Phthalates in Methanol

Part Number: SRM- 3074
Pack Size: 5 x 1.2 mL
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Cadmium (Cd) Standard Solution

Part Number: SRM- 3108
Pack Size: 50 mL
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Portland Cement

Part Number: SRM- 634a
Pack Size: 100 g
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