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Gas Purifiers and Filters are supplied in two designs, In-line and Base Plate.

CRS ZPure Glass In-line Gas Purifiers are convenient point-of-use purifiers with high sensitivity visual indicators for oxygen and water breakthrough. They are available with compression or quick connect fittings in brass and S/S.   The glass body is shielded by an outer polycarbonate protective body.

CRS ZPure Metal In-line Gas Purifiers are high-efficiency traps with outstanding capacity. High quality activated adsorbents ensure long purifier life and efficient contaminant removal. Available in 4 sizes of stainless steel cylinders and with a wide range of compression, quick-connect and push-to-connect fittings.

Trajan Base Plate Cartridge Gas Purifiers are upright filters attached to a metal base plate. Each cartridge consists of adsorbent packed into a transparent and virtually unbreakable, heavy-walled polycarbonate housing. The cartridges can be changed without any fear of oxygen entering the system due to the spring-loaded check valves built into the base plate. Their design means they can directly replace other brands of cartridge gas purifiers

Trajan Big Trap In-Line Gas Purifiers are designed for bulk purification applications or where several instruments are plumbed from a single source. Manufactured from one-piece heavy walled aluminium tube with a 750cm3 capacity.


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ZPure H2O Filter, 475cc, 1/8" S/S Compression Fittings

Part Number: 17-202230L-SS
Pack Size: EACH

ZPure H2O Filter, 750cc, 1/8" S/S Compression Fittings

Part Number: 17-202230XL-SS
Pack Size: EACH

ZPure Dual Filter, 130cc, 1/8" S/S Compression Fittings

Part Number: 17-202206-SS
Pack Size: EACH

ZPure HC Filter, 750cc, 1/8" Brass Quick Connect Fittings

Part Number: 17-202232XL-B-QC
Pack Size: EACH

ZPure Glass PolyGas I Purifier, 130 cc, 1/8" Brass Quick Connect Fittings

Part Number: 17-202314-B-QC
Pack Size: EACH

ZPure PolyGas II Purifier, 130cc, 1/8" S/S Quick Connect Fittings

Part Number: 17-202287-SS-QC
Pack Size: EACH