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                  SGE GC LINERS      


Do you know how to select the right inlet liner for your analysis?

Choosing the right inlet liner and injection parameter can increase peak areas and reduce detection limits by up to 300 %1

Customer research has shown that a significant number of GC users don’t understand the importance of inlet liner selection, nor how it contributes to their analysis. 

The enhanced SGE inlet liner range aims to make it simple for all gas chromatographers to select the right liner.

• Easy to choose - Color coded by geometry to simplify your selection.

• Easy to use - Contain o-rings so you’re ready to go.

• Confidence in your analysis - Certified deactivation gives you confidence in your analysis.


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LINER VA75 2.3mm ID FOCUS pk/5

Part Number: SGE-092113
Pack Size: pk/5
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Glass Liner for 8000 series; Sigma 2000 2.5mm

Part Number: 52-100052
Pack Size: pk/5

Split, Straight-through Liner 3mm

Part Number: 52-100060
Pack Size: pk/5


Part Number: SGE-092018
Pack Size: pk/5


Part Number: SGE-092245
Pack Size: pk/5

Splitless Liner, Quartz 2mm

Part Number: 52-100002
Pack Size: pk/5
Splitless liners are designed to lead the sample vapour onto the column with the minimum level of hindrance, so are usually without baffles or restrictions.