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SMART HEALTHY CAPS (for inlet solvent bottles)

• Protect health
• Minimise solvent evaporation
• Maintain accurate solvent concentrations
• No external contamination of eluent

Smart Healthy Caps are designed to comply with the increasing safety regulations of the modern laboratory and are manufactured from inert, chemically resistant materials, such as PTFE and polypropylene.

The use of Smart Healthy Caps can reduce harmful solvent evaporation from solvent inlet reservoirs by up to 80%, protecting health and keeping the HPLC eluent concentration accurate for several days. This is achieved by the use of a one-way check valve which allows air to enter the bottle for pressure equalization, but eliminates solvent vapour emissions.

Smart Healthy Caps also protect solvents against external contamination and are available to fit a wide range of bottle types and sizes. They can be supplied with 1 to 5 outlet ports to accommodate multiple HPLCs. Tubing (1/ 8˝ or 1/ 16˝ o.d.) is securely fixed with use of the AIT universal fitting which requires no ferrule or flanging of the tube.

Smart Healthy Caps are designed to fit a complete range of bottle threads either directly or through the use of a suitable adaptor.



SMART WASTE CAPS (for waste solvent bottles)

• Protect health
• 95% reduction in harmful emissions
• Activated charcoal filter cartridge

Smart Waste Caps reduce harmful substance emissions from waste bottles by up to 95% and are available to fit a wide range of waste bottle sizes, including drums.

They allow waste solvents from an HPLC to enter the waste bottle but prevent solvent vapours from escaping into the laboratory, by use of an activated charcoal filter cartridge. Smart Waste Caps are available to fit waste solvent containers with a wide range of threads as well as barrels of up to 200 liters in size, (custom manufacturing for other applications is available on request).

Smart Waste Caps can be supplied with multiple inlet ports to accommodate multiple HPLC lines. Tubing (1/ 8˝ or 1/ 16˝ o.d.) is securely fixed by use of the AIT universal fitting. Larger o.d. tubing (up to 9mm) can be connected by use of a barbed connector.


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