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SGE N10-11.5C 10UL NEEDLE (pk/2). Replacement needle.

Part Number: SGE-037060
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Hamilton 1001 Plunger Assembly

Part Number: HAM-1359-01
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Hamilton Syringe Cleaner 120 Volt.

Part Number: HAM-76610
The Syringe Cleaner is designed to clean 7000 Series MODIFIED MICROLITER syringes with only heat (370°C) or to remove suspected residuals by adding a vacuum source (.1 mm mercury). MICROLITERT and GASTIGHT® syringes may also be cleaned when a voltage rheostat is added to reduce the chamber temperature to 50°C. The Syringe Cleaner is not effective on frozen plungers or plugged needles. Syringe Cleaners are available in 120 and 220VAC.

SGE N25/500-C/T-8/0.5C NEEDLE (PK3). Replacement needle ..

Part Number: SGE-031536
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