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Macherey Nagel’s range of TLC plates and sheets lead the way in terms of quality and reliability.

The comprehensive range of phases for TLC and HPTLC cover all types of analyses and applications.

The plates are ready for immediate use, no coatings or impregnations are necessary. Their homogeneous, smooth, well adhering layers guarantee reproducible, quantitative evaluations

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ALUGRAM NANO SIL G/UV254, 20x20 cm

Part Number: 818143

HPTLC-Pl. Nano-SIL CN UV254, 10x10, 25 S

Part Number: 811115
Cyano-modified HPTLC silica layers

POLYGRAM SIL N-HR UV254, 5x20 cm

Part Number: 804022

DC-plates SILGUR-25, 10x20

Part Number: 810012

DC-plates SIL G-25 HR/UV254, 20x20

Part Number: 809043

HPTLC-Pl. Nano-DURASIL-20 UV254, 5x5 cm

Part Number: 812012
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Unmodified HPTLC silica layers