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MicroTight Ferrule PEEK 5/16-24 Coned, for 360µm OD

Part Number: UPC-F-152BLK
Pack Size: Each
The MicroTight Ferrule is part of a family of fittings which offer a unique system consisting of three different ferrules and a female nut. It is designed to use the applicable ferrule to connect tubing to the MicroTight connectors, such as MicroTees and MicroCrosses. This ALL PEEK ferrule delivers excellent chemical resistance. It has a 5/16-24 Coned port configuration and is for a for 360µm OD. It comes in black.

Stainless Steel Tubing 1/32" x 0.015" (0.40mm) ID x 10cm

Part Number: UPC-U-1141
Pack Size: Each

MicroTight Tubing Sleeve Green 0.025" x 0.015" ID x 4cm (1.6")

Part Number: UPC-F-185X
Pack Size: Pk/10

LiteTouch Flush Male Nut 1/4-28 Coned S/S, for 1/8" OD

Part Number: UPC-F-364
Pack Size: Each
The LiteTouch Stainless Steel FlushNut is designed to help prevent the twisting of polymer tubing by gripping tubing at two compression points. The LiteTouch system can be used on hard tubing like stainless steel and PEEK Tubing preventing the collapse of tubing ID. FlushNuts offers the answer for those tight-space applications where nut heads often interfere with each other. It has a 1/4-28 coned port configuration and is for 1/8"OD tubing.