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What is Chromatography - Greyhound Chromatography Help Sheet

At Greyhound Chromatography we supply Certified Reference Standards and Materials to Research and Analysis laboratories all over the world. 

Chromatography is a scientific method of identifying component parts of a sample eg. pesticides in water, alcohol in blood etc. or the purity of a sample eg. drugs, solvents etc. by passing the prepared sample through a heated 6mm diameter coil of glass tubing which is filled with specially prepared powder causing the various components of the sample to split into its various components.  These components are then detected and identified as they exit the end of the coil.  There are many techniques used in Chromatography today and vary according to the components being analysed.  Chromatography is typically used in Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensic, chemical and Pharmaceutical research and analysis.