GC-PLOT MoleSieve

  • Molecular Sieve, Zeolite, 5C
  • Ideal PLOT column for the analysis of permanent gases
  • Thick and thin coatings available for a range of separations,e.g. Ar/O2 separation at 35�C, O2/N2 within 15sec.
  • Completely immobilized coating ensures a smooth baseline and is ideal for methods using valve switching applications
  • Recommended column for the analysis of fixed gases from hydrocarbon streams
  • Elution order, H2, He, Ne, O2, N2, CH4, CO - Regeneration of performance from water/CO2 adsorptions at 250�C for 3hr
  • ASTM recommended phase
  • Used for analysis of noble gases, air from methane, fuel cells, etc
  • Often used with other PLOT columns for fixed gas separations from sample matrix

NOTE: As Molecular sieve columns will absorb water over time, resulting in retention time changes, our advanced deactivation process enables the columns to be fully regenerated within 3hrs at 250�C.

Similar Phases

  • HP-PLOT Molesieve
  • CP-PLOT MolSieve.

Further details can be found in the Greyhound Q-Cap Capillary Columns catalogue.