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Syringes, Dispensers, Speciality HPLC Columns, Miniature Valves, Injection Liners, Septa and Pipettes.

For more than 50 years, Hamilton has been satisfying customer's needs in the field of precision fluid measuring.  It all started with syringes, not commercial, mass-produced medical syringes, but precision measuring instruments.  Hamilton combine top quality materials with skilled workmanship, ensuring the highest possible performace level of every precision fluid device manufactured.  With proper care and handling, Hamilton Syringes  will provide unsurpassed performance in precision fluid handling year after year.

Syringes and needles manufactured by Hamilton are intended for scientific research and labotratory use only and are not intended for human in vivo use.

An extensive library of informative PDFs is available HERE.

Syringes & Needles

Syringe Selection Guide

Syringe & Needle Assembly Guide

Determining the Performance of Hamilton Syringes

Syringe Calbration Report


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HAMILTON Needle Assembly, LASI

Part Number: HAM-51315-02

Hamilton 2.5mL Plunger Assembly

Part Number: HAM-202275
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Hamilton 1710N CTC 100uL Syringe A200S

Part Number: HAM-203566

Hamilton Lower Body Assembly 10uL Pipette

Part Number: HAM-4118-09
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Hamilton Lower Body Assembly 300uL Pipette

Part Number: HAM-4118-15
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Hamilton 1710RN 100µL Syringe w/o needle

Part Number: HAM-7656-01

Hamilton PRP-1 10µm 7.0 x 100mm

Part Number: HAM-79495
Hamilton PRP-1 polymeric HPLC columns with 100Å pore size particles for broad ranging uses, similar to C8 or C18 HPLC materials.

Hamilton 1750LTN 500uL Syringe

Part Number: HAM-81217

Hamilton 1705 Plunger Assembly

Part Number: HAM-201520
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Hamilton Seal Kit for 50uL Pipette

Part Number: HAM-1708-72
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HAMILTON ML-504A Dual Syringe Dispenser 115V

Part Number: HAM-504115
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Hamilton PRP-X100 Starter Kit SteelGUARD

Part Number: HAM-79448
Polymeric column packing for separation of inorganic and organic anions from 10 ppb to 500 ppm.

Hamilton Syringe Rack.

Part Number: HAM-204880

Hamilton 75ASN 5uL Syringe

Part Number: HAM-87992

Hamilton Replacement needle (RN); custom made.

Part Number: HAM-7804-02