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SoftGrip pipettes routinely receive the highest user satisfaction score of 10 on 11 different aspects of a pipette, including plunger and eject forces, weight, diameter, and texture. Choose from six adjustable volume and ten fixed volume SoftGrip pipettes covering 0.2 µL to 1 mL.

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Hamilton SoftGrip 12 Channel 300uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-56

Hamilton SoftGrip 12 Channel 50uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-54

Hamilton SoftGrip 8 Channel 300uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-52

Hamilton SoftGrip 8 Channel 50uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-50

Hamilton SoftGrip Adjustable Volume 100uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-36

Hamilton SoftGrip Adjustable Volume 10uL

Part Number: HAM-55019-32