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Chlorantraniliprole (CAS # 500008-45-7) | Chem Service Inc Certified Reference Standards

Chlorantraniliprole (CAS # 500008-45-7)

Chem Service Certified Reference Standard



  • Chlorantraniliprole (CAS # 500008-45-7)


Part #: N-11422-25MG

Cas: 500008-45-7

Molecular Formula: C18H14BrCl2N5O2

Pesticide type: Insecticide

Substance group: Anthranilic diamide

Mode of action: Exhibits larvicidal activity as an orally ingested toxicant by targeting and disrupting the Ca2+ balance; Ryanodine receptor (Group 28)


  • Chlorantraniliprole Solution (CAS # 500008-45-7)


Part Number: S-11422A1-1ML

Cas: 500008-45-7


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