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Wellington Laboratories | Reference Standard "Freeze-Dried" Fish Tissue (Naturally Fortified Salmon) WMF-02 | Greyhound Chromatography

Wellington Reference "Freeze-Dried" Fish Tissue (Naturally Fortified Salmon) WMF-02 


Wellington currently offers three certified reference materials (CRMs) for use in testing an analytical laboratory’s ability to generate accurate and reproducible data using real, as opposed to fortified, samples.


In response to customer requests for an expanded selection of certified environmental reference materials (ERMs), Wellington conducted an interlaboratory study in 2018 and was able to characterize three separate fish materials for select persistent organic pollutants .

Certified analyte concentrations were derived using data received from at least 10 analytical laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and data were statistically analyzed using the Q-method/Hampel estimator ( robust method, ISO 13528:2015).

As a result, Wellington Laboratories are pleased to add WMF-02, WMF-03 and WMF-EX to their product line of Environmental Reference Materials

Further information, on these products can be downloaded.


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